Your Tires Are Not Why You Suck.

by trivialmtb



These goobers in the parking lot after a ride kept talking about how their new tires were so radicle, and had so much traction, and “hooked up so good” and they wouldn’t shut up about it, just stroking each other off with praise of how well their money was spent on these new treads, braah. And I saw them on the trail. I wonder why, if their tires were so badass, were they just skidding like idiots down the whole hill? Hmm…



Could it be that these days, pretty much any tires are just fine in medium-dry conditions since everything is made out of kinda-sticky-rubber and maybe where you put your weight over the bike, when and how you brake, and general line selection has a lot more to do with how the tires holds than all the micro-sipes and doodad marketing hooey?

This all comes back to Kirt Vories like 12 years ago and his tire selection strategy (paraphrased): “Black ones. Made out of rubber.”

If blowing money on every new hyped up tire that comes out is how you get your stiffy hard to go for a ride then whatever, thanks for pumping money into the industry. But the truth is, you probably suck and you can ride whatever tires you want and you’ll still be terrible.

At least that’s certainly how it is for me.