Gray Acres.

by trivialmtb


Maybe it’s the hipster in me (it is), but the idea of Mission Workshop making mountain bike clothing that I can only hope to afford someday off in the distant future makes me feel all warm and fuzzy in my imagined-future, fair trade, organic, made in the USA, non-gmo fed, marino wool, lifetime warranty covered chest.

Considering the dork boner I have had for their bags and jackets for years, it looks like I’ll be drooling over their mountain bike stuff now too. The best part so far from the four item line up is that it doesn’t look like clown suit attire. Solid blacks and grays? Yes please.


Also, the promotional photos for the brand are kicking things off rock hard with that photo in France. Hey Acre, if you need any of this stuff “tested” you just give us a shout and we’ll be glad to give it our worst rating yet for any Mission gear: 9 thumbs up.