Bar Is Spinning.

by trivialmtb



If I had barspins as ridiculously dialed as Greg Watts, I’d probably drink a thousand beers too just to be able to tolerate the boring part of the days when you’re not greasing truck-drivers off giant jumps.

And I’m not sure when we are going to collectively move on past this kind of music but the sooner, the better. Fleet Foxes got the ball rolling by making it okay for hipsters and soccer moms to listen to the same thing, and then the Avett Brothers wrote some pretty okay music, and then Mumford and Sons (of bitches) really brought this stuff into the pop culture forefront by watering it all down to a palatable swill with their unchallenging and pedestrian jams. And it’s just like, how many god damn bands do you need with a half dozen dudes wearing waistcoat vests with jeans being all “jangalanglalnglanglang-OH I CAN’T PLAY THIS BANJO MUCH FASTER NO NOOOO… OH YEA. jangdidlalanglajangalangajang NO IT WONT EVEN STAY IN TUNE OH NO NO, OH YEAH. ”