by trivialmtb



I walked in on some people watching this video when it was half way through and my reaction was, “I didn’t know Robbie Bourdon rode for Kali now.” Everyone looked at me like I was an asshole but that is kind of how everyone always looks at me and no one offered much explanation.

I guess I missed the first part where it explains that the rider is 10 years old.

When I was ten years old, I could barely ride a bike because one time I crashed trying to ride up a curb and damn near American-History-X-ed myself. I was terrified of bikes. Little has changed, obviously. I still am terrified of bikes. I can still barely ride one. And this kid has a couple of well spec’ed Intense bikes that are worth more than what I made at my first job in 2 years. At least he’s riding them.

Enjoy it, kid. And stay off the internet for a few more years.

And get a haircut and stay off my lawn.