Dirty Shart.

by trivialmtb



If you mute this, and you’re going to want to, you will miss the very literal shots that match up to the lyrics like when the guy yells about “winter” and a rider beefs it trying to corner in shallow snow followed immediately by the dude yelling about “summer” and the next riding shot has, you guessed it- no snow!

Also the time when they talk about “sunrise” and “sunset” while cutting to a jumbled crossfade between the sun low on the horizon (which I doubt is an actual sunrise and probably a cheated shot) and a time lapse of the sun going behind a mountain. Following that there’s a mention of “high water” and a shot of a guy stand up paddle boarding which is a very similar activity indeed to mountain biking.

And finally, make sure the final shot of the video is of a rider dancing like a fancy little school boy, dressed up in his learning uniform, as this will totally match the vibe of your jams.

They don’t teach this kind of stuff in film school so do yourself a favor and skip class… forever!

But if you do mute it, and who could blame you, you’ll still have to notice other very heavy handed stuff like the guy’s hoodie draw-strings being all uneven to prove that if there are any shits, this bro sure doesn’t give them. That probably explains why half the band is wearing hoodies on a hot music video set



And when you’re working in a tight shooting space, you can go through a bunch of effort to dress the set with beer bottles on top of amps and smoke machine the place up in 30 seconds. But when it comes time to light the scene and you realize there’s no space to hide the lights, just toss your movie light up in the middle of everything. Most people won’t know that stage lights are hung from a grid and not put on flimsy stands anyway. And if anyone does question it, just explain that it’s self referential and that your corporate partner, Commencal Bikes has a range of models called Meta and that’s what you were alluding to. You know, like earlier when the band said “winter” and then you cut to a guy falling in some snow.