Winter Dark Thirty.

by trivialmtb


This video:,23002/Colorado-FreerideFestival,17150

Was posted with this description:

“For those that missed out on Trestle’s closing weekend, there was some trail work done on No Quarter and Long Trail that added a bit of variety. This clip also highlights their new novelty trail “Banana Peel”, which does not have a rock on it.”

Now if this were any other bike park in the world, I would have assumed this was some sort of practical joke about the trail not having any rocks on it, or I would have taken that to be some sort of jaded-grumpy-guy-racer description of a track that is kind of mellow. Because even Sea Otter has “rocks” (plural) in it and they give a few schmucks  race ruining flats each year.

But this is Winter Park we are talking about so it’s safe to assume that there are literally NO rocks on that trail. And is that the kind of reputation you want your park to have? To be the kind of place that takes the pussification of downhill trails so far that “no rocks” is a claim easily taken as literal? Ugh. Bike parks are ruining this sport sometimes. I’d rather get water-boarded than ride a bunch of wooden “features” that cost 50x as much per foot as good, natural downhill trail.

The video description maybe should have read, “For those that stayed at home to shut your balls in a kitchen drawer instead of riding closing weekend, some shit got changed too late for anyone to notice or care, and also there’s a new trail that you’ll ride once just to see how god damn clownish it is.”

To be fair, I have only ridden Winter Park a handful of times in the last decade, because every time some overzealous chump drags me up there, with promises of how much less it sucks now, on my limited free time on the road, it always disappoints and I’m usually thankful that the lift gets shut down early as shit every day for lighting because then I’ll have a perfectly good excuse to go stick fifteen tacos in my face.