Half A Hole.

by trivialmtb


It’s easy to hate a video of aerial photography of unicycle trials riding but occasionally I can dig deep and find some scraps of effort to just appreciate that most of this stuff was smooth enough on the shooting and the riding took a lot of balls. Which is weird because doing drops on a unicycle looks like it jackhammers your balls into powder that blows away like dust in the breeze. It feels like a complete surrender of whatever street cred this blog may have built up to not just rain shit on this video but to be honest, it’s too damn hot and I’m too damn tired to put on that grumpy facade.


Good thing they made that video before half of those ride spots were washed away in the biblical flood that washed away all the heathen sinners that occupy that town in a stream of mud, their blasphemous “science,” and other liberal nonsense.