by trivialmtb


Here’s some more Ellsworth hate only this time it’s not entirely their fault:

Good grief, Calfee. Stop. If you’re going to go for that whole “home made carbon” look, then too bad, BCD already did that so right that no one else should ever bother trying again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd I know Calfee has been making shitty looking “quirky” bikes for a long time so this is nothing new. But good lord, teaming up with Ellsworth for your mountain bike suspension licensing is like seeking financial advice from Enron. Actually, buying a bike from Ellsworth is the kind of financial advice that Enron would have dished out. A carbon fiber tandem mountain bike is going to cost a small fortune and for the idiots willing to dish out that premium, it should also come with a free vasectomy so that your worthless genetic material is met with a dead end.

Also, the dude in that video above seems to be representative of the entire Ellsworth client base.

Woof all around.