by trivialmtb


This GoPro POV video is the rare exception to the rule that anything shot with a go-pro is only worth watching as a training tool.


By far my favorite part of the whole video was immediately after the crabapple jumps when Fairclough is just yanking a couple mellow hucks to flat and how squirrelly the second one is before heading back into the trees. Yanks to smashed tomahawk landings going 35 mph are badass and I don’t care who disagrees.

Also, if you think A-Line is better than Dirt Merchant then you’ve had enough, you’re drunk as shit.

Whatever rig those Parkins have devised has suddenly made POV tolerable.



By the way, the top search engine term that got people to Trivial yesterday was “I have a bag of dicks” with 5 referrals coming from that search term. Either one person is very curious about what to do with their bag of dicks or up to 5 people are finding themselves in similar pickles, none of which are being addressed by this site.