“A Whole Nother”

by trivialmtb


Who ever the “editor” is for this video needs to chill the shit out on the mirrored screen splits. Just because you picked up a gimmicky trick at the Apple Store’s iMovie 101 class doesn’t mean you need to use it that many times, or even once for that matter.

And another thing… this is just going to make me sound like a cranky Andy Rooney prick, but there’s no such thing as “a whole nother thing” and it drives bamboo splinters up my fingernail beds to hear that being said. There’s “another whole thing” and “a whole other thing” but I have never seen a complete (or partial) nother.

Lastly “if you can find friends”… maybe call Blopes? Or shit, anyone in Germany or eastern Europe. That whole demographic is doing a great job floating your riding career for an extra decade.

Let’s not even get into the epic alpine skids in the last portion of the video.