by trivialmtb



And here comes the Euro-trash.

How many times do you need to put your brand name or logo on a bike? I say 3. Headtube badge and either side of the downtube. That’s it. Anything more than that is like when an arrogant rapper has their name as every 5th word in a song. Here’s how not to do that bullshit care of NS Bikes.



Maybe they wouldn’t have to put their brand name on the bike 8 + times if they weren’t all cut in half by obnoxious, fresh out of school graphic designers.

And speaking of overzealous design, someone please take the wacom tablet away from the insane person who thought this bike was a good idea:

polybarfI guess they went at it with the goal of living up to the brand name of Polygon. What somebody should have told them is that the prefix “poly” means “many” which can mean “just more than one or two” and doesn’t necessarily mean “aborted dodecahedron.” That bike looks like a concept drawing that even Canondale threw away while saying, “Look, we’ve made a triathlon bike with a roller blade boot for a ‘front wheel’ but this is ridiculous. It’s 2014 and we actually have to sell some product here.”