by trivialmtb


Tyler McCaul’s new pedals from Deity:


I guess these days are gone forever:


Whatever, at least I lived through the glory days.

Maybe every set of new fangled pedals can come with a dozen cutting wheels for your dremel tool so that you can get the old pins out. Since they thread through the backside of the pedal and will bend the first time they touch whiskers with a rock, you’ll need those cutting disks to chop off the end and get the old pin out.

Or maybe the plan is just that some day, you’ll smash the pedal so hard against a rock that it will just snap the rest of the bent pin off completely? Barring the added costs involved, the Burgtec solution of breakaway pins was a pretty good solution. Another good solution was making big fuck off pedals that shrugged off direct hits from battleship canons.