Bike Parks Suck?

by trivialmtb



I’m not trying to be a dick here (for once), so when I ask this, I’m genuinely curious:

When was the last time a bike park built a rough, natural, good old fashioned, glory-days-NORBA style downhill trail? You know, the kind where you would pucker your ass watching somebody like John Kirkaldie ripping through some gross section like a tornado of no-fucks-given. The kind where not every single turn is a berm. The kind where there’s no such thing as a table top jump. The kind where there’s a lip to what seems like no where but really the “landing” is a bunch of bomb holes and crooked roots 40 feet down the trail. The kind where any rocks bigger than a marble ball are not swept off the trail every day by slack jawed stoner “trail crew.”

This is fine and all:,22146/Colorado-FreerideFestival,17150

But where can a person ride a lift up and smash down the 2006 Vermont nationals track, the 2004 Idaho Norba track, the 2005 Snowmass track trying to keep up with Dustin Adams. Or what was it, the 2001 Squaw Valley track? I just don’t think things like that are being built anywhere. I hope I’m wrong.

I know there’s a lot of people who think lift operated bike parks are the best thing ever, because they really “help grow the sport” and all that. But grow the sport how? By adding a bunch of wimps who will jump 25 foot tables, but can’t navigate an off camber turn? People who can go 35 mph in a straight line down polished 6+ foot wide trail but can’t do the same thing down the steep section under the lift at the Durango nationals track and make the turn half way down the pitch?

Let’s grow the sport but let’s not do so by breeding namby-pamby wusses.