Wrist Slashing.

by trivialmtb


If you needed a reason to not buy a go-pro and put it on a quad-copter, here’s 283 reasons right here:

283 reasons. Because every second of that video was unbearable.

You can’t just go put Jersey Shore on a pogo stick and have the wind blow your stupid aircraft around while a go-pro snags terrible audio and only marginally better image and expect anyone to be like, “Yo. Not only does that guy make trials riding look good when he’s not glued to his smartphone. But damn. That footage from uninteresting angles that was all shaky and had shitty framing and bad pans/tilts all over… I need some of that too.”

Despite the redundant introductions by the guy suggesting that I “enjoy” this video, I did not.

Perhaps for the next episode, they could fly the camera around as he does things he’s actually good at such as shopping for Armani Exchange shirts, being careful about his tan lines, or gelling his hair before going out to the club.