It’s Like What Even Is Time, Bro?

by trivialmtb



I wonder how much of this movie is going to have playback at plain, wholesome, old fashioned, real time 100% speed…

If the trailer is any indication, there might be a few dialog clips and “lifestyle” shots that are not in slow motion or time lapse speed, but even those are going to be susceptible to the onslaught of camera technology as seen in Ryan Howard’s impression of Gallagher and tee-hee-water-balloons! Maybe a handful of helmet cam shots that are totally not shot with a Contour. Then maybe a couple fast pans with the telephoto lenses. And that’s probably about it.

So I’d venture a generous guess that 30% of the movie will be regular, real life speed.

The riding is going to be bonkers with that cast of talent, but I’ll probably never know because I’ll either be asleep or have turned it off by ten minutes in.