Imagine-ate That.

by trivialmtb



I can’t figure out the cursed embed code from the red bull player but it’s not like anyone in this sport hasn’t seen Imaginate by now so let me just say that aside from the bonkers riding, that may go down in history as the first bike video to have a real art department. You mean you can make a bike video in ways other than sitting on a ridge line with a telescope lens in Utah for hours waiting for the sun to set so you can get that golden hour brown-pow-braaah? Imagine that.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 6.37.24 PMThere will always be haters for anyone who rides (remember how Gwin is washed up now according to well informed commenters on the internet?) but damn, you would have to have a calloused lump of dog shit for a heart to not appreciate how cool it was for everyone involved in Imaginate to work hard on something and have it end up looking like that.