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by trivialmtb

TrivialMTBLogoWhile the entire mountain bike industry was pouring money on the fire of “enduro” racing, these assholes were out doing something ten thousand times better for less than one ten thousandth of the cost.

Better get in on the fun of this while it lasts because even if your coccyx doesn’t break, then you know some bored schmucks are going to make 650b scooter sleds and then the euros are going to take it too serious anyway.

Remind me again what’s so awesome about a thousand dollar wheelset that still requires you to drop a load of goo in your rubber? And why do I have to re-purchase a 50mm stem when the Thompson I’ve been running for 5 years on my XC bike is doing just fine? And how if I wanted to ride in an XC helmet with goggles on, I’d normally just be called lazy for not putting any real effort into my Halloween costume.