So Juicy.

by trivialmtb



The Trek fanboys continue to have massive boners and the internet is awash with questions of “Is Gwin washed?!” and “The Specialized curse” and “Maybe he should have switched to an XL” and “Gwin’s clearly off the pace twice in a row now so his season is done (and we already forgot about Sea Otter/Sea Otter doesn’t really count)”

And reading any of that shit is summed up nicely here:



This is good racing. This is drama. This is a story. Would you rather it be like last year when it was just a competition for second? And have the season wrapped up before the last round like 2012 and 2005? This is exciting. This is what makes racing better than free-chucking and enduro and “just riding for fun” and all that other shit that’s just fine but really not anywhere near as cool as world cup downhill.