Pulls Me Back In.

by trivialmtb



It’s weird how piles of videos can come out and they just disenchant the shit out of me when it comes to downhill media. I find myself often wondering why the hell do I bother watching this really? But then something comes along and drags me back in with the giddy excitement that I had when I was a much younger and less jaded version of my turd self, watching a Sprung video or Transcontinental or whatever and just wearing the shit out of a VHS tape.

This time it’s one single clip from the Parkins of Remi Thirion launching that spot that looks like the same place where we all might have been saying farewell to Neethling?

RemilaunchIt’s the Parkins so naturally the rest of the video was good but that single clip just got me pumped enough on downhill to get me through another several weeks of terrible mega-slow-mo, stupidly overproduced, bad videos.

Cheers, Parkins. And cheers, Remi for risking your god damn life to save a tenth of a second.