False Advertising.

by trivialmtb



More like #yesbad.

To give a comparison on how bad that was I present you with the following experiment:

1A- I like mountain biking.

1B- I do not like yard work.

2A- I watched that 90 seconds of slow mo camera jerk offery and it took all of my patience to sit through it, wishing that it would be over sooner.

2B- I then looked out my window and watched 90 seconds of the grass in my lawn growing in real time and found myself calm and rejuvenated, feeling refreshed and ready to go about my day, despite knowing that 90 seconds of grass growth was bringing me ever closer to having to do more yard work. It was so much nicer, in fact, that I continued to just stare at the grass growing, in real time, for what turned out to be an additional 5 minutes.

Conclusion – yes, bad.

All the cinema toys in the world of video production cannot make something inherently interesting.


Edit- Just saw the Robot formula and it is accurate in its equation but not in its numbers. It’s more like this: 1 / 7 person crew / 125 (or at high as 300) / 2 = .057% to .023% watchable.

Anyone can decide to purchase an Epic over say, a substantial down payment on a house. Anyone can rent a Phantom and an op for a day over say, purchasing an S-Works Demo. And anyone can put the camera on the end of a fancy pants jib when they still don’t know how to work a tripod very well. And they can point that camera with Canon lenses on it (because no one in mountain biking could be bothered to invest in good PL lenses, and who could blame them considering the content is just going to end up on the web anyway) at one of the world’s best bike riders.

But are you kidding me that no one can hire a writer for a few hundred dollars to at least rough concept a story? It’s the same thing we talked about in that Avid video with Squirtis Keene (still love you ‘Dream). There are only about 5-7 people in the world currently making bike videos (professionally) that I would trust to have the good sense to know that a pencil and a few sheets of paper is worth more to a good video than all the new camera bullshit combined.

It’s good to know we’re not the only assholes that see this kind of thing as a problem and that Robot seems on board.