Tiny Frail Humans.

by trivialmtb



This is one the dumbest videos I’ve seen in a long time.

Downhillers are fast through the woods on the right trail, sure. But fast compared to what?

A moose can run about 30-35 mph. So can a boar. And so can a black bear. A peregrine falcon can hit 200+ mph in a full dive. What would have made a better video is setting all of those animals loose to chase Gee down a hill at different points so that if he doesn’t get trampled by a moose, he would have to avoid getting gored by a boar. And if he outruns that, he does so by getting between a cub and its mama bear and then if he outruns that, a falcon can come try to claw out his eyes.

Even the average human male ejaculate leaves the barrel at around 28 mph… maybe he could outrun some crossfire of ropes being thrown through the air as he hits a jump.

For future videos in this series, might I suggest the following: Gee Atherton Vs A Very Large Rolling Rock Indiana Jones Style, Gee Atherton Vs A Ham Sandwich, or maybe even Gee Atherton Vs Aaron Gwin.