Growing Pains.

by trivialmtb



2002 and Jib was the rough years of puberty for mountain biking. There was plenty of embarrassing stuff going on before that like all the pukey lycra and such but that’s really more childhood. And while you can make fun of a kid for being a dork, it’s not really up to them. Your parents still kind of dress you and make a lot of your choices for you and you don’t really have much taste of your own so yeah, rasta anodized Kooka cranksets and neon splatter paint jobs on frames are not the coolest but you can hardly blame anyone for running that shit. Options were limited.

But then you hit puberty and you’re just this bubbling caldron of hormones and feelings, and you start to make your own choices, many of them regrettable. You enter Jib-hood. You get these conflicting blends of identity like wearing ALL the body armor, gloves, a full face helmet, and a long sleeve jersey in half the video, and helmet-less dirtbag tee-shirt and Old Navy cargo shorts in the other half. It’s all very confusing. It’s how you figure out who you are though. Like maybe you were this dumb lacrosse jock wearing Abercrombie polos in 9th grade, but then over the next summer, some girl kisses you three times and then breaks your heart, and you end up coming back to school that fall wearing a lot of black and listening to way too much of The Cure, and that’s who you are for 10th grade.

A lot of people who were farther along with being cool (read- being comfortable with who they are) would look at you during these times like this:

ahferrealsDon’t worry. It’s just part of growing up and doing one footed turn bars at the skatepark in front of anyone who rides bmx.

Not everything about growing up is stupid. You can clearly tell these people were having a lot of fun despite having to ride around in Ellsworth jerseys and every product Lizard Skins product ever made. How else other than “having too much fun!!!” could you possibly explain not taking the time to take your stupid Camelbak off to shoot a line hopping around on a trials bike?

Also, many of these stair gaps and over-rails and generally brainless hucking are shots that I would never want to do, not because I think they are below me, but because my balls just aren’t that big to consider smearing my tits down the sidewalk should something go wrong. Lots of shocks had rebound circuits that blew up back in that time, remember?

And say what you will about the soundtrack (it sucks), but Thor Wixom was not about to lose his hat over using unlicensed music. Napster was only like a year or two earlier and Metallica was keeping it very real at the time. You can mute Jib and put your headphones on with your favorite CD in your Walkman and enjoy the video just fine and he knew that.

He was also about a decade ahead of the game when it came to putting a cheap, shitty camera on the end of a stick and swinging it all over the place so the next time you think you’re hot shit because you have a go-pro taped to a pvc pipe, sorry bro, you’re just copying Thor fucking Wixom.

Anyways, I hate to divert any traffic to FuschiaBike but whatever, only 5 of you haven’t already been to this page by this point, so here’s the full video and the reason you’ll be 40 minutes late to a hot date with your hand: