A 4 I 0 R.

by trivialmtb


So that new video of the Fox Air 40, or A4i0r which rolls off the tongue, was an interesting watch. Not because it’s the best fork that’s ever been made for the next six months but because you can actually see the product working. For one, there’s definite proof that Gee’s fork moved so if any of you out there still think he’s running a dummy fork where the internals are just solid aluminum rods, fear not, he’s actually riding telescoping suspension.

But another thing I noticed is the obvious fact that Gwin runs more compression than a dozen normal human riders combined.

Here you can see him falling whatever, 12-15 feet worth of drop and moving his fork only about 5 inches into the stroke. Sure, he catches a downslope landing and all, so maybe it’s just a fluke?



Here we see him yanking on a jump and tomahawk chopping the earth a new ass crack and still leaving a couple inches of untouched travel:


It’s enough to push the sag-ring up on his fork suggesting that this was the most travel he used on the fork for at least this section of trail they were shooting.


Conclusion: Don’t tune your bike like Aaron Gwin.