by trivialmtb


Just when you think that you’ve run dry on things upon which to cast your amateur criticisms, the universe opens up and gives you a gift in the form of a new electric-dh bike video.

If my dad ever pulled up to the dirt jumps like this while I was riding with friends, I’d promptly go home and swallow razor blades.

But that’s probably because I have a tumultuous relationship with my father and didn’t have the kind of friends that wouldn’t abandon me over something embarrassing when I was a kid. I am happy to see Renner’s home life is strong, unlike the appeal of riding this bike.

I must also point out the irony of riding a basically “silent” electric assist bike named Stealth while fully kitted up in moto/downhill gear. That’s sort of like having an F-117 painted with neon american flags, which is unsurprisingly difficult to find on google, so here’s a rough estimate for how bad that would look.


Keep living the dream, Connie.