Punta Pinte… TOBY.

by trivialmtb



I realize that by posting three days in a row about how much enduro is silly, that we’re playing right into the media over-hype machine… but it’s also a slow news day. I mean, mountain biking is a slow news industry so whatever.

Anyways, the rain was apparently a big deal even though mountain biking is an outdoor sport. Sigh…

Lighting shuts down chairlifts, even in essentially lawless eastern European countries, I get that. And I’m not there at the event in Punter, Italy so I don’t know how bad it really was. But if Sam Hill can get third place at Champerey in a foot of rain, and Danny Hart can win worlds in a torrential piss down, then I’m pretty sure a bunch of current-and-capable-but-can’t-beat-Gwin downhillers, washed-up-has-beens/retirees, and faster-than-any-of-us-but-nobody’s-even-heard-of-them Euros can pedal their medium and big wheeled mountain bikes through some puddles.

When I think “rain cancellation” I think “New Orleans and Katrina” not “mountain biking.”

This enduro shit is sort of cool I guess because fuck the UCI, and maybe the growing pains of the EWS will be over soon, but wake me up when downhill season starts for real.