Like THE Boss.

by trivialmtb



Now that you’ve had a couple days to settle down from this, let’s pick at your brain-scabs and go over a few reasons that Chris Akrigg is the fucking best.

  • That shit-eating grin the whole way through his skid-drift at 1:25
  • Made uphill 29er climbing look good at 2:00 with that roosty business
  • Only uphill switchback clip in the history of mountain biking to be interesting at 2:15
  • Actual use of leg-throttle to upright a pedal-bike at 3:10
  • IMBA approved line selection at 3:28
  • Best “running over your go-pro” shot used as a transition, ever at 4:20
  • E.T. air pedal at 4:25
  • Total lack of self preservation hucking between buildings in the middle of who knows where, hours away from medial attention if anything were to go wrong, example at 4:47
  • Proper implementation of the advantages gained by doing nose wheelies with a suspension fork 4:56
  • Broken glass 5:25
  • Ironic sense of humor shown to be not for sole purpose of hipster cred through giant (to scale) bunnyhop at 6:07
  • Better style in a pool on a kid’s bike than you’ll possibly ever have on any bike at 7:07

Honorable mention to Victor Lucas for being a quiet media dude that lets his work speak for him. LOUDLY.

Holy balls. Chris Akrigg for President of the Universe.