Body Types.

by trivialmtb



Everyone has an opinion on what kind of body type is best for downhill racing. On one hand, you have the tall powerhouses like Peat and Greg  who ride bikes that are bigger than a horse. I think the seat on Greg’s downhill bike comes up to my shoulder. Then there’s the small, nimble guys who can zip in and out of the turns and trees seemingly better like Troy Brosnan. I’m pretty sure I can put Troy  in my pocket and sneak him into an R-rated movie. So which is better? Impossible to say. The world may never know.

But I think we can all agree that if you put multiple people on the course at the same time, it’s better to be the biggest, ‘roided out whack job possible so that if some little asshole cuts you off in a turn, you can just murder them. What I have just described is essentially modern 4x racing.

Here’s is footage from a recent 4x world tour stop in Asia: