Nope, None Of This Matters.

by trivialmtb



Anyone getting asshurt over opinions shared on this dumb blog about silly bikes should know that no one really reads this. And of those who do read this, they probably already share Trivial’s opinions on most of these matters- why the hell would anyone bother visiting this blog unless it was to get a daily-ish dose of “Hey, I also think that.” This site isn’t swaying anyone’s opinions or perspectives on anything, whether it’s electric assist downhill bikes or your bike race photos or what brand of parts you run.

Everyone should watch this video and realize that the important thing for you to go do is ride your bike and make yourself happy, because when you are happy, you’ll do good things for the world and people will get on board with your program. Then listen to Freddie Mercury.



A little outside perspective is all you need to un-twist those panties.