Don Bronson.

by trivialmtb



The Don is a stud on a bike so it’s damn good to see coverage of him again. And it’s nice that someone didn’t put his riding to some womped out glitch music, opting instead to keep it classy and use some old fashioned Raw Power. It’s almost as if you’re watching a segment from Earthed 6…50b.

All the manuals and nose bonks and drifty turns make me want to go ride my trail bike, despite the fact that mine has horrible, traction-less 26″ wheels that get sucked into black holes on every trail, never to return from their journey past the event horizon.

So look. At various points, I’ve ridden 20″, 24″, and 26″, 700c wheels and have even had some  limited experience on 29″ wheels and have pedaled 27.5″ wheels up and down the street. It’s not like any of those sizes have prevented me from having fun. Some suited what I enjoy doing more than others but if your wheels are round and they roll, then you should be having a decent time feeling the wind in your face. Be thankful that some asshole a million years ago invented the bicycle and that it evolved into something better than a penny farthing, which I have also spent about 2 minutes on and found it to be the absolute opposite of fun.

racer tuck broBecause it is terrifying and always feels like you’re going to break your damn spine.