New-Old Topics.

by trivialmtb



Alllllllllright. That’s enough talk about wheel sizes for a while.



Let’s beat some other dead horsies for a while.

Quick referencing my rolodex of “topics to hate in mountain biking” yields sample subjects including the following:

  • -BMX is cooler in nearly every way.
  • -Brian Lopes and Getting Someone Else’s Strava Time Taken Down.
  • -Racing is expensive and you suck at it.
  • -Competing “standards”
  • -Lack of innovation, aka Bold New Graphics.
  • -Fraser Britton and other Try-Hards.
  • -Kids these days.

This sport makes you tired. And not from doing it and getting sweaty from exercise. Like tired from how it sucks and always has and always will, in cycles like the moon and menstruation.