It Looked Good For 1/250th Of A Second.

by trivialmtb


Sometimes a “totally radicle picture” does not mean you’re turning all that well:


Because even if you’re one of the best bike riders of all time, you can still end up looking like you’re staring straight at the ground and popping out a kick-stand after plowing into a loose corner too fast while dodging a photographer sticking a lens up in your business. (And getting a sweet shot of your helmet cam. Barf.)

YouremaybegunnamakeitBecause sometimes, you’re going to make a miraculous save on a big, fast, open flat turn in the grass but that doesn’t mean you’re going to hold any of your exit speed and win the race.

Because while it certainly takes a lot of bike riding skill just to end up in those positions, doesn’t mean it’s the fastest way to ride a corner.

Because sometimes, if those super dope cornering pictures could move, you wouldn’t be that pumped on the results:


Not everyone can be Sam Hill riding Schladming with cut spikes all the time, looking so stinking dope while simultaneously winning.