Day 4 Of Ten Thousand.

by trivialmtb


Yeah, of course a clipped in, big wheeled bike was going to win. Was there ever any doubt that on a pedaling track with no tight turns that anything else would come out on top?


I’m not sure who pays their bills by “keeping it real” in mountain biking. Last time I checked, you’re pretty much paid to win and sell bikes. No one gets sponsored for the purpose of shitting on their chances at doing well at a race by running flat pedals or tiny, obsolete 26″ wheels, or whatever other thing people on the internet think is acceptable and cool, because it’s what they grew up with and they fear change.

So while it may be a bummer to see a complete lack of Flat Pedal Thunder at Sea Otter, guess what- there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Seriously. There were no clouds. The sun turned everyone into beef jerky.

While it’s fine for has-beens/never-was-es like the staff at TrivialMTB to tell themselves that they are “keeping it real” by running flat pedals and so on, no one buying product gives a shit what I run and they never will.

Congrats to Gwin and Jill for killing it and congrats to everyone else for showing up, because sometimes, that’s the hardest thing to do.