Day 3 Of Ten Thousand.

by trivialmtb



Fairclough may be riding clips on his downhill bike but at least Graves is still winning stuff at Sea Otter. You can all rest a little easier tonight knowing that your entire world isn’t made of lies.

In other news, the sun is made out of skin cancer, and those two dudes shooting photos for Pinkbike have three photoshop tricks up their sleeves that are playing on repeat. Guess if you put enough filtering on top of a photo, it’s hard to notice sloppy composition.



Contrast slider goes up to 11.



High pass filter goes up to 11.




This goes to all photographers: If that’s Victor Lucas taking up the right 20% of your frame then just keep walking because he’s shut that spot down. And if it’s not Victor then step up in front of that chotch and get your 8 foot hip jump shot without a nuclear white shirt in your way. Or just don’t bother shooting that stupid hip since it only gets worse every year and we already have a solid decade of coverage on that piece of shit. You would be better off shooting the turn onto the road since that’s where half the crashes on the downhill track are going to be.