Hate This Practice.

by trivialmtb


If you were hoping to sell your used Santa Cruz Blur LTc, I hope you got that deal closed and payment received yesterday…

neatbizpracticeBecause your bike’s value just crashed harder than Sam Hill in an undoubtedly winning Val Di Sole race run thanks to the neat business practice of dumping stock on SteepAndCheap/Chainlove for less than shop cost*. Also, if you’re a dealer with a BLTc in stock, I hope it’s a medium.

*Should point out that I have no idea what shop cost is on a BLTc and I don’t care. Santa Cruz is just trying to make some money like a good business should, and the reality is that 15-20 frames being flushed out of inventory isn’t going to shutter any bike shops, and your clapped ass used bike probably wasn’t going to fetch the price you wanted anyway.

In sort of related news- the site stats showed that someone ended up visiting TrivialMTB by googling the term “fuck I hate mountain bikes” proving that Google > Bing.