Interesting Turn-er Of Events.

by trivialmtb


Here’s to hoping it’s not too late:


Look, I love an American crafted aluminum Turner frame more than I love most of my family members… but it’s 2013. If you’re not making medium or big wheeled bikes out of glue and charcoal, then you’re basically getting on an iceberg and pushing your old Inuit ass off to the open seas where you will no longer be a burden on the rest of the industry.

The Brobots have already spelled it out clearly that you might as well shutter your company if you’re not making big wheeled shit wagons, because 26″ wheels are not fun in the twenty-teens. Sure we used to have fun on 26″ aluminum bikes:


But we also used to have fun making children work 20 hour shifts in dark factories and forcing minorities to drink from separate drinking fountains.


So what I’m saying here is that 26″ wheels are like child labor and segregation… it’s time to really move on.



It’s nothing like that.

I’d buy one of those aluminum, 26″ wheeled Turner 4x frames for full pop retail tomorrow if they made it available. I wouldn’t even try to undercut a local dealer by finagling a sponsorouthouse deal. There is a place in this world for metal bikes with small wheels and it’s not just called “bmx”… I just hope whatever plastic bike Turner releases will keep them around for a while longer so I can somehow live my dream of having them re-release those damn 4x models.