by trivialmtb


Been holding off on posting this for a while. Edwin has got some stuff figured out and anyone who rides bikes of any kind could get a thing or two from this video.

Everyone in mountain biking that’s diving face-first into this enduro gold rush… are you doing it for the right reasons? And I mean this for riders and companies. Does your wheel size say something about you as a person or a brand?

Are you racing downhill because it’s the most hardcore and has the coolest image? Or are you racing downhill because you love the thrill?

Are you racing XC because it’s in the olympics? Or do you really love out-spinning road cross over dorks?

Are you just paying bills? Do you even enjoy this shit? Because at the end of the day, just like Edwin says, you’re just playing with toys. You’re not doing anything important in the grand scale of the world. If you don’t enjoy the hell out of this, I mean really love it- deep in your bones, then why are you still riding bikes?