Your Ass.

by trivialmtb


Your ass spends a lot of time on the saddle of a bike. Don’t you think you should be sitting on something of quality?

Well, thanks to Charge and Alex Rankin, you can at least get your appetite going over something you should put your ass all over.

Initiate launch sequence on Weekly Rankin Boner:

Dammit these are good.

And props to Charge for being secure and not the jealous dick boyfriend of a company about the main guy in your video riding a different brand bike the whole time. When companies are too heavy handed about product placement in a video, it’s repulsive and makes me not want to buy that noise. When you trust your viewers to just know, “Hey, this super entertaining piece of video is made possible by Charge and that’s okay that there’s a Bianchi in it…” then you’ve got me hooked. High five, Charge Bikes.

Now if you could just get your bikes to the US through a shop that doesn’t suck, we’d be in business.