Yes, This Is Good.

by trivialmtb


It totally wasn’t a fluke. This is great.

Can we just go over the fact that if you point a camera at Bryn Atkinson in a steep section, you’re essentially guaranteed a banging shot? Think about the last time you saw a clip of Bryn pointed down something gross that didn’t make you wish you weren’t such a huge pussy on your bike… oh wait, you can’t, because that’s never happened.

Edit- looks like the Bro-bots posted about this before this was scheduled to be posted. Once again proving that the forums are always right: those guys are the funnier, original thinkers and Trivial is just a shabby copycat crew of losers. And we’re totally okay with that- no sarcasm, I wish there was a “I’m being serious” font for typing this, because those guys run a tight ship. Not sure why you’re still reading this instead of heading over to