Rules and How To Break Them.

by trivialmtb


If you’re going to slow-mo a bunch of shit in your video, then pay attention to this one as an example:

EDIT- Apparently embedding has been turned off for the video above because it makes perfect sense to make it harder for people to watch your video. Click the link and deal with going to another page, it’s probably worth it, I guess.

Trail bike riding is full of moments that you wish would last longer when you’re on the bike, so I’ll sit through a video of cruising around in aspen trees in slow-mo. That feeling is why I got into this stupid sport in the first place.

Downhill is full of moments that, assuming you’re doing it right, you kind of can’t wait for this hectic shit to be over for a second of relief before the next pile of rocks tries to kill you. So don’t spoil that tension by playing everything back at half speed.

Bonus points to the Joey guy for keeping his tongue in his mouth the whole video, especially for all the slow-mo clips. No one likes to see a dude just giving the crisp mountain air a hefty dose of Colonel Angus.


So in conclusion:

Trail bike slow-mo = okay.

Downhill slow-mo = you better have a good damn excuse.

Royalty free music = still pretty sucky.