Bounced Checks.

by trivialmtb



It’s hard to derive conclusions about a website’s fan base if you look at how many comments a bike check has relative to how many comments a really good video full of great riding has. The problem is that stupid people are attracted like flies to the steaming piles that are most bike checks. Bike checks interest them because, like the really awesome dude in the video, they too can talk about parts and specs and other dipshittery like “colorways.” A video containing great riding is often un-relatable to these suckers because it’s hard to articulate the feeling of executing a fast, efficient, smoothly arched turn with your feet up and your stupid hands off the brakes.

Wise and experienced riders, as we all know, are too busy wearing out the cornering edges of their tires long before the braking edges.

But then occasionally, a good bike check comes along like the one from Brian Foster about his Fit:

He doesn’t seem to know shit about his bike’s parts because he’s too busy blasting turds into your pants. And that makes me want to buy all of those parts way more than some well rehearsed brown-nosing hack plugging every little detail about every little thing. No, Brian Foster is too busy just kicking it and using a few words to tell you how it is like some sort of Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch type father figure. And if you don’t understand that then you should both read a book and watch a black and white film for once.

atticusI guess that makes Brian a sort of Foster parent… buh-dum-tsssss. Thank you, we’ll be here all week. Unfortunately.