Hail Akrigg.

by trivialmtb



What Alex Rankin captures behind the camera every time, Chris Akrigg embodies in front of it. No one has ever made fixie riding, brakeless trials riding, or riding a Mongoose look like some shit I’d ever want to try more than Akrigg.

Chris put brakes back on his trials bike and the results are just dandy.

And who’s that blasting rocks on trail bikes with him you ask? If you don’t know who Chris Doney is then you’re sorely lacking in your UK history. Study up, sucker.

Being the guillotine that cuts a puddle in half is something more people need to get out and do for themselves. And don’t give me any of that cockamamy IMBA shit about trail erosion. It’s better than riding around the puddle for both the trail and your head. Besides, get off your ass and do some trail work yourself if you’re that concerned. It will give you some ammunition in the inevitable fight you’ll have with bored hiker.

We’re getting off subject. Chris Akrigg for Lifetime Shreddy Award in 2013.