Top Story- Meh!

by trivialmtb


Today’s top story in mountain biking! (AKA this is a slow news day!)

Mediocre bike company hires part time skeeve to be their full time photo/video guy after failed internet campaign yields no results beyond some dumb kids with a 60d or a Rebel Xti or whatever who just want to make DirtTV webisodes and not take dull photos of 29er riding all day.


What this means for the future of the Carry Ian’s Lights Around At Sea Otter Internship Program remains unclear, but it does look like Fort Collins, Colorado just got bumped down many notches on the top list of places to live.

Meanwhile, Pinkbike stock continues to rise with this recent departure of two of their “top” photo tumors  as the only place to go from the bottom is up.