Jamie Gildedman > Y’all.

by trivialmtb



Did you guys see that Jamie Goldman street ride video on that other website that has the god damn video player than apparently cannot be embedded on a wordpress blog?

Here’s a summary:

There are crankflips.



Yes, multiple crankflip clips. crankfrrips


There’s a stand up power wheelie past district 9.



He slides in safe at home base. slidesinsafe


There’s a pole-bar-spin. polebarspun


And there’s a huge, smashed out table from a wall ride that puts your life to shame.



So in conclusion, Jamie Goldman shreds harder than you ever have by just dicking around for 20 minutes at four spots, and made the best mountain-bike-on-street-video of the year. Give the man a Shreddie. Who cares if it’s only March, he wins.