That Trail Looks Right.

by trivialmtb


What is this? Announcing your new APP trail bike on April 1st?


Santa Cruz seems to be gambling on the fact that every other company is going to be flooding media sites with April Fools PRs about fake shit like a reliable Kona, a 3.8% stiffer Giant, or an affordable S-Works bike and while chumps who don’t understand humor are clogging up the comments on those posts, maybe people who actually spend money on bikes will be all like, “Oh, Santa Cruz is making something that I am seriously interested in riding.”

And hey, if it doesn’t work out, they can just dump them all on ebay or Chainlove for less than shop employee cost.

Or maybe it’s not a new bike at all and it’s just more hype for “enduro” racing which is all anyone can get their dicks hard for anymore. It’s a shame that this is what’s big instead of good downhill racing. And it’s a shame that this is not what cross country mountain bike racing has not already been for a 8+ years.

We don’t know. We’re not hooked up in the “industry” so we’re probably wrong. If you want hard hitting journalism, then go to a real website.