That’s Better.

by trivialmtb


This video is more like it. It’s short enough for the mouth breathers that are on their never ending quest to dumb down internet media content to their level. It’s got enough hot roosting action and bike handling skills to entertain the people who know poop about crap. Nothing is slow-mo and actually everything looks more hectic than the second half of a 75 person Harlem Shake video, just like downhill should. There’s one spill, the ladder bridge is blasted over by 15 feet, and then there’s 3 minutes of black screen to prepare you for the shirtless dude content provided to fill the void left by the total lack of press releases regarding what third tier companies Brian Lopes is going to collect checks from this year.

And I have no idea who this dude is but I don’t doubt that if he had food poisoning, he would still beat me at a race by over a minute.