Welcome To Internets!

by trivialmtb




Many things remain a mystery to modern science, and it’s not just the heavy stuff like quantum entanglement or string theory. It’s simple things like why a bicycle will stay upright or why the hell anyone would ever read this website. Very smart people know that these things happen, but still don’t fully understand why these things happen. Despite the overwhelming evidence of over 100 posts on here, none of which are worth anyone’s time spent reading, a few stragglers wander like zombies across the internet wasteland to find themselves on here every few days.

One of those people happened to be famous badass Ronnie Renner, who is best known for doing things that normal people could never imagine, such as wearing a GoPro and listening to dubstep- no wait- I mean chucking giant, mind boggling whips and throwing entire dump trucks of sand up in roost shots like a boss.


Well anyways, he didn’t seem to like that we thought the electro-bike was dumb and got a little bit ass-hurt that we shared such an opinion on the internet prior to trying it.

boohoo1 boohoo2

The 2 feet of air he got on his XC bike is still double what he was getting over those neighborhood kid built table tops on the electro bike, and if he knows where there’s a shuttle run that takes 10-15 gallons of gas for one run, then I’d be up for trying to ride that because it sounds like a Megavalanche event.

We’d be glad to try one of those things out so long as the only thing it will cost us in a little dignity and probably having to eat our own shoe, because you’re right, Mr. Renner, for all we know, it’s the most fun we’ll ever have. Shouldn’t be too hard considering how much mountain biking sucks.

Then again, there’s this: