by trivialmtb


While the welcome to the team Feniak video was frankly not very good, this team launch video is overall a large step in the right direction. For one thing, they went somewhere interesting. I’m not sure how many videos I’ve seen shot in southeast Asia, probably not many. They looked like a team, ya know, doing fun shit together other than riding bikes. They slid around in the mud and goon-manualed a bunch of shit. I know we’re supposed to just hate everything because this is the internet, but this looked fun for everyone involved.

If we’re going to nitpick some stuff, those Hutchinson tires don’t seem to be clearing mud very well:

knobswhatknobsAnd this photo sent out with the press release is a prime example of one of our photo-peeves- looking at where you’re skidding into instead of looking at the exit of the turn. I don’t know, maybe he’s looking directly at the flash? That’s where I’d look if anyone ever took a picture of my shitty riding.

max_Hutchinson_UR_Guillaume_jungle_bermAnd on the plus side, those Polygon bikes sure do live up to their name with their multi-sided shapes and all.

Edit- Was just alerted that the music sucked in this. Yeah, watched it on mute before as that’s the default way we watch bike videos on the internet these days.