How To Have Not-Fun.

by trivialmtb




Let’s see. I could go out by myself on my modern trail bike that has aggressive geometry, strong parts, well damped suspension that lets me plow through gross stuff, and weighs less than 28 pounds. Or I could go out with my friends and do shuttle runs on my modern downhill bike that can smash anything my hands will stay attached to the bars through, works amazingly well since I took the time to tune the suspension settings, and weighs easily under 40 pounds. Or I could ride my amazing dirt bike that has like 58 horse power and handles overshooting 100+ foot jumps.

Nah. I’ll take this heavy, underpowered, pedal assisted piece of shit with crappy suspension out for a spin around the neighborhood and barely clear some 6 foot tables and get bogged down in 2 inches of crappy so-cal dust trying to lay down some roost shots that not even Clay Porter would bother to slow-mo. Yeah, that seems like the ticket.

This is not the first time we’ve made fun of this smasmorshion. It sucked back in June of last year, and it sucks today.

It’s not like electric stuff has to suck. It just does for now.