We Got A New Thing.

by trivialmtb


“Hey everyone, we just got a new jib arm to put our camera on and we’re so excited that we’re going to use it in every single shot! Hope you like it as much as we do!”

-Said Aspect Media.

Look. Danny Hart is one of the fastest guys in the world. And for one time, he was literally the fastest guy in the world. So why shoot everything at a high frame rate and then double down on that in post? If you wanted to make a video that looks slow, you could just shoot with slower dudes. There’s about a thousand slow pro dudes in the United States that would be glad to get away from snow and winter to ride in Spain and make a slow video.

I’m a big fan of Danny’s riding. Maybe it’s just me, but off the bike, he seems about as thrilling as an afternoon of watching Matlock reruns on basic cable.