Specialized Adds “Enduro” Team.

by trivialmtb



Specialized is adding an “Enduro” team to their roster but in order to make room for this in the budget, they had to cut their Rockhopper Team and scale back on their Crossroads Senior Citizen Commuter Squad. Because, you know, Enduro is so hot right now.

The economy worldwide is like ten minutes away from Ayn Randian collapse, so basically no one can afford to race downhill anymore. Some places have it even worse with their lousy local series races collapsing under the crushing bloat that you get from resting on your fat laurels until you slowly grow into your couch and have to be fork lifted out of your trailer to the set of Maury.

Cross country racing has been reduced to dry cyclocross with even less technical challenges on a track.

4X is a zombie finally put in its place with a bullet to the brain.

Dual slalom only happens once a year.

So yeah… let’s go race “enduro” or what it’s been called all along: mountain biking.


That dude in the background is probably an engineer and he’s probably calculating what Anneke Beerten looks like in a bikini.